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Continuing your deeper relationships when you are no longer here

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Legacy / Gift Ideas

What memories do you want to ensure are timeless?

Your Legacy is something that continues a tradition, bond, connection or relationship you share with family, friends and loved ones. It has great meaning to you and to those you leave behind.

Find a way to celebrate your life and relationships!


Send a single rose, or a dozen roses to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or other special occasion.

Provide a family journey to their family/ancestral home.

Give a gift in the name of your child.

Send a bottle of fine wine to special friends.

Send your spouse or other loved ones to special place that has become a tradition over the years: examples include favorite vacation spots or your honeymoon or anniversary location.

Establish a long-term legacy for grandchildren such as an education fund and a vehicle or housing fund.

Continue friendship traditions such as annual golf or fishing trips or “Girls or Guys Only” vacations.